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  06/25/63            Philadelphia, PA        Mustered into service Co. M, Capt. William B. Griffith's
  07/01/63            Emmansville, VA      Regimental Headquarters. All regimental records lost in
                                                                Winchester Battle, many men still unaccounted for.
  07/01/63            Maryland Heights, MD      Co. C, E marches to Frederick arrives 07/04.
  07/01/63            Frederick, MD              Scouting to Falling Water, VA.
  07/02/63            Falling Waters, MD    Detached Co. H destroys Lee's pontoon bridge. 
  07/08/63            Boonesboro, MD        Join General Gregg's Cavalry Corps 2nd Brigade. Of The Po-
                                                                    tomac. Scouting in VA.
  07/14/63            Boonesboro, MD        March toward Bolivar Heights, W VA.
  07/14/63            Smokestown, MD      Scouting to Smokestown from 07/10-14/63.
  07/19/63            Bolivar Heights, W VA      March to Amissville, VA passing through Leesburg, Cen-
                                                                            treville, Manassas Junction, Catlett's Station and War
                                                                            renton, VA.
  08/03/63            Sulphur Springs, VA  Regiment Headquarters. Scout from Warrenton, VA to
                                                                    Amissville, VA, 12 miles, Captain Kane commanding.
  08/08/63            Amissville, VA          Marched to near Jefferson, VA for picket duty.
  08/13/63            Jefferson, VA            Regimental inspection by Inspector-General Captain Huges.
  08/14/63            Little Washington, VA  Reconnaissance
  08/16/63            Little Washington, VA  Marched to Catett's Station, VA, fifteen miles.
  08/20/63            Greenwich, VA        Picket duty.
  08/24/63            Catett's Station, VA    Marched to near Jefferson, VA, fifteen miles.
  08/26/63            Oak Shade, VA              Picket duty.
  08/28/63            Sulphur Springs, VA    Relieved and return to camp.
  08/31/63            Sulphur Springs, VA    Mustered for July and August pay.
  09/01/63            Sulphur Springs, VA    Picket duty though the 08/11.
  09/02/63            Oak Shade, VA          Skirmish
  09/04/63            Hazel River, VA   

  09/10/63            Hazel River, VA      Crossed the river and engaged in the cavalry fight though 08/13.
  09/11/63            Culpepper, VA          Skirmish near Oak Shade Church, several men wounded.
  09/13/63            Culpepper Court House, VA      Capture large amount of stores.
  09/12/63            Rapidan River, VA      Advance to river 09/12-17. Picket duty.
  09/15/63            Mitchell's Station, VA    Picket duty until 09/18.
  09/19/63            Mitchell's Station, VA    Marched to Cedar Mountain, VA, eight miles.
  09/25/63            Cedar Mountain, VA      Picket duty until 09/30, then went to Rappahannock Station,
                                                                          VA for Picket duty.
  10/03/63            Catletts Station, VA  Skirmish Co. F reports loss one man wounded and sixteen taken
  10/09/63            Bristoe Station, VA  Skirmish and begin Bristoe Campaign 10/09-22. Picket along
                                                                  Orange and Alexander Railroad.
  10/10/63            James City, VA        Skirmish
  10/11/63            Warrenton, VA        Skirmish
Jefferson, VA            Skirmish, Co. E on picket duty engaged the Rebels.
            Sulphur Springs, VA    Skirmish. Centerville Heights Skirmish.
  10/13/63            Sulphur Springs, VA        Skirmish  Lost 163 men, mostly prisoners.
  10/14/63            Auburn and Bristoe, VA      Skirmish, General Gregg's Division, Co. E reports lost
                                                                        of one sergeant, four corporals and four privates missing.
  10/14/63            St. Stephen's Church, VA      Skirmish
  10/24/63            Rappahannock Station, VA  Detached Co. G to 2nd Corps. Headquarters.
  11/07/63            Rappahannock Station, VA  Advance Line to Rappahannock River.
  11/08/63            Rappahannock Station, VA  Skirmish
  11/15/63            Catlett's Station, VA      Skirmish
  11/26/63            Mine Run, VA                Skirmish and begin Mine Run Campaign 11/26-12/2/63
  11/27/63            New Hope Church, VA  Skirmish
  11/28/63            Mine Run, VA                Skirmish. Lasting to 11/30.
  12/02/63            Mine Run, VA