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  02/26/63          Fisher's Hill, VA      Strasburg Road and Woodstock (Cos. G&L) Co. L engaged
                                                              Rebel force commanded by General W. E. Jones, the Rebels
                                                              lost twenty-two men captured.

  02/26/63          Strasburg, VA        Reconn. and fight  Co. F, Captain Speese  commanding, wounded
                                                            one man and either killed or captured four men. Co. H reported
                                                            being over powered and loss five officers ( Capt. J. S. Struthers,
                                                              2nd Lieut. James Clarke ), and nineteen privates captured.                                                                                                                           
  02/28/63            Winchester, VA          Co. G scout to Strasburg, VA.
  03/01/63            Philadelphia, PA        Company M, recruited in Philadelphia, joins the regiment.
  03/02/63            Winchester, VA        Co. G scout to Strasburg, VA.
  03/03/63            Winchester, VA        Station at March-April.
  03/05/63            Winchester, VA      Co. D,G scout to Strasburg, VA, twenty miles.
  03/25/63            Winchester, VA      Co. D scout along the Shenandoah River to Berryville, VA.
  04/06/63            Winchester, VA      Co. D scout to Middletown, VA.
  04/10/63            Winchester, VA      Co. D scout to Front Royal, VA with Major Kerwin's Battalion,
                                                                  two Rebels captured and six boats destroyed.
  04/13/63            Cedar Creek, VA      Reconn.
  04//16/63          Winchester, VA        Scout to Newtown, VA with Colonel Galligher in command.
  04/20/63                                              Reconn. Toward Wardensville and Strasburg.
  04/21/63            Woodstock, VA          Co. D, in a running skirmish in town, capture some Rebels
      including several notorious bushwhackers.
  04/22/63            Winchester, VA          Jones Raid on B. & O. Railroad. Operations in Shenandoah   
                                                                  Valley 22-29.
  04/23/63            Winchester, VA          Scout to Woodstock, VA. Skirmish with Rebels had a loss of
                                                                    nine killed and thirty-two captured.
  04/26/63            Winchester, VA        Regiment marches toward Moorefield, VA, Captain Kane com-
                                                                  manding,  camp in Capon Valley.
  04/27/63            Capon Valley, VA    Regiment moved toward Moorefield engage Rebel pickets and                                                                 
                                                                fell back.
Fisher's Hill, VA      Skirmish. Strasburg Road scouting to Strasburg 25-30.Regiment
                                                                  had five privates wounded. Total march 100 miles in five   
  04/29/63            Fairmount, VA          Skirmish , Regiment reports loss of one sergeant wounded and
                                                                  one  man missing.
  05/04/63            Hampshire Co., VA  Reconnaissance. duty 4-9.
  05/09/63            Hampshire Co., VA  Skirmish near Moorefield & Cacapon Bridge, VA
  05/12/63            Buck's Ford, VA      Reconnaissance. duty 12-26. Co. D engage Rebel cavalry, no
  05/16/63            Piedmont, VA            Skirmish(Detachment) Co. F, near Ashby's Gap, recapturing,
                                                                  fifty Union prisoners, killed four, and captured eleven. One 
                                                                  man killed.
  05/17/63            Front Royal, VA        Skirmish Co. C with forty Rebels, captured three.
  05/19/63            Winchester, VA        Skirmish
  05/25/63            Warrenton Junction, VA    Co. C scout to Strasburg, VA.
  05/26/63            Catlett's Station, VA          Co. F reconnaissance to Strasburg, VA.
  06/09/63            Piedmont, VA            Skirmish
  06/12/63            Middletown, VA          Sabre Charge, engaged an advance of Ewell's Corps on
                                                              Strasburg Road, killing ten, one captain, two lieutenants,
                                                              wounding twenty-five and took forty-five prisoners.                                                         
Winchester, VA         Regiment engaged in fierce fighting though 06/14.
Winchester, VA          Co. F supported Baltimore Battery.
  06/15/63            Winchester, VA         Co. A engaged Hill's force, was repulsed, total lost thirty three
                                                                    killed, wounded or missing. Co. C reports ten men killed or
                                                                      missing. Total march 750 miles though 06/30.

  06/16/63            Winchester, VA        Fight near Winchester. Retreat to Harper's Ferry.
  06/17/63            Harper's Ferry, VA    Duty here until 06/30.