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BOLD- denotes men of the 13th found on G. A. R. muster rolls. NOTE: This is a work in progress and is not complete March 3, 1999, Deakster.

Gen. George G. Meade Post No. 1, Philadelphia
Post No. 2, Philadelphia
(Post 2 called itself Gen. George G. Meade Post No. 2)
Gen. Alex. Hays Post No. 3, Pittsburgh
P. A. Williams Post No. 4, Latrobe, Westmoreland Co.
Gen. U. S. Grant Post No. 5, Philadelphia
Ellis Post No. 6, Germantown, Philadelphia Co.
Capt. William S. Newhall Post No. 7, Philadelphia
Gen. E. D. Baker Post No. 8, Philadelphia
Corporal Skelly Post No. 9, Gettysburg, Adams Co.
Lieut. John T. Greble Post No. 10, Philadelphia
Gen. S. K. Zook Post No. 11, Norristown, Montgomery Co.
Hetty A. Jones Post No. 12, Roxborough, Philadelphia Co.
Yeager Post No. 13, Allentown, Lehigh Co.
Col. Ulric Dahlgren Post No. 14, Philadelphia
Gen. G. K. Warren Post No. 15, Manayunk, Philadelphia Co.
McLean Post No. 16, Reading, Berks Co.
Capt. Geo J. Lawrence Post No. 17, Minersville, Schuylkill Co.
Col. William L. Curry Post No. 18, Philadelphia
Col. Fred. Taylor Post No. 19, Philadelphia
Robinson Post No. 20, Hasleton, Luzerne Co.
Courtland Saunders Post No. 21, Philadelphia
Goodrich Post No. 22, Danville, Montour Co.
Gowen Post No. 23, Pottsville, Schuylkill Co.
Admiral Dupont Post No. 24, Philadelphia
Wilde Post No. 25, Chester, Delaware Co.
Jere Holmes Post No. 26, Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill Co.
John W. Jackson Post No. 27, Philadelphia
Indiana Post No. 28, Indiana, Indiana Co.
Dentzer Post No. 29, Cressona, Schuylkill Co.
Emory Fisher Post No. 30, Johnstown, Cambria Co.
Gen. George A. McCall Post No. 31, West Chester, Chester Co.
Maj. H. S. Weaver Post No. 32, Freeport, Armstrong Co.
Maj. Spaulding Post No. 33, Leraysville, Bradford Co.
Bernard Gause Post No. 34, Avondale, Chester Co.
The Cavalry Post No. 35, Philadelphia

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