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    He returned to Bristol PA on 06/27/65 at the age of 21. He married the former Rose Magee at St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church in Bristol. He fathered twelve children, three died as babies. The youngest daughter, Elizabeth stated that her father worked in the U. S. Mint and never missed a parade on Memorial Day.
  He served as a Bristol City Councilman 1880-82.
  He received the Congressional Medal of Honor on January 23, 1897. 
His wife died in 1906.
  His greatest honor came at age 70, when he spoke at the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. It was  a brutally hot day on July 11, 1913, so hot that Dougherty wrote in a letter to his sister's daughter, Maria Adolpha " over 1,000 men were prostrated by the heat."
His daughter, Sister Rose Margaret of the Immaculate  Heart, was still live when Catherine Fee wrote her article. Ms Fee also wrote that Grandson Edward Lawler, lives on Bath Street in Bristol.
Micheal Dougherty died in 1930 and was buried in St. Mark's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

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